INM Out the Door Top Coat Nail Polish, 2.5 Ounce

Top & Base Coats
This professional, salon quality out the door top coat from INM is fast drying, high performance and reasonable priced. Formulated to enrich and strengthen your nails, these products will coat and protect your nails from chipping and increase shine. INM has been in the business of meeting and exceeding expectations of its customers since 1979 and continues to do so by providing the most innovative ingredients and formulas possible.

Seals and protects nail polish, natural or artificial nails
Non yellowing formula
Dries in 45 seconds


Study Skills
Have you ever wondered why, after apparently satisfactory preparation for and performance at an examination, you still come out with poor or low grades? Do you find it difficult to settle down for serious study? Do you easily forget what you read? Do you belong to either the group of students who have a problem with when, where, and how to read for utmost understanding, or the other group that is confused about what to do during lecture periods in other to enhance concentration and aid memory? Do you find it hard to cope with the atmosphere of the examination hall? Do you find it difficult even to account for your incessant failure? Then you need not go far. You are holding in your hand the answer to every troubling question you have ever asked about your academics.

“SECRETS OF SUCCESSFUL STUDENTS” is not just a theoretical book that teaches how to learn alone. It is a course on its own, complete with numerous exercises and activities at the end of each chapter. These will help you to understand what you have read more clearly and so aid you to put into practice what you learn. These activities should by no means be avoided. They are a major part of the book. No one learns to fly airplanes by reading about it alone, but by putting what is read into practice. So, practice the activities.

In order to experience the information contained in this book, it has to be read completely from the beginning to the end. Skipping back and forth should be avoided. It must be read at least once every year, preferably before school resumption dates. Put the accompanying steps into practice, incorporate the inspirational ideas into your daily routine and you will begin to witness amazing things happening to your life.

This is a pocket sized book. You can take it with you where ever you go and study it when ever you have five or ten minutes free. You do not have to wait until you have time to study the whole book. Do what you can, where you can. For convenience, handy tear-off charts that contain the main points discussed under all the topics in this book are located at the end of each part for easy review.

This book will not achieve the purpose for which it was written if it is bought and kept in a book shelf, or if it is read as a story book and thrown aside, without the reader acting on the principles discussed and taking bold steps to read and understand thereby achieving academic excellence having learnt the SECRETS OF SUCCESSFUL STUDENTS.
Happy reading